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50 Years after Quantrill's Raid

James Pickens Corel

James Pickens Corel was born February 16, 1832.  He is the youngest son of William Corel and Rebecca Oney.

I have many images to choose from for James P. because this is my ancestor. All of the images that I have will end up on the site, but I chose this photo that I just happened across today, while looking at the Bleeding Kansas website. I surfed around and ended up at the Watkins Community Museum and was excited to see a photo that is in the Library of Congress American Memory Collection. This image is from 1913 of the Survivors of Lawrence Massacre at semi centinnal [sic] mamoral [sic].

Susannah Clay McGee and James Pickens Corel

James Corel was one of three Corel children to marry McGee children.  He married Susannah Clay McGee on August 20, 1857 in Douglas County, Kansas. James and Susannah had seven children between 1858 and 1870.

  1. Eugenia E. "Jennie" was born April 20, 1858.

  2. Olivia "Olive" or "Ollie" was born February 15, 1860.

  3. Ella N. was born December 17, 1862.

  4. Catherine was born March 27, 1863.

  5. James Henry was born June 3, 1865.

  6. Charles Wesley was born December 9, 1868.

  7. Anna was born August 12, 1870.

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