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1850 Kaw Township, Jackson Co, Missouri Census McLaughlin

Jemima Corel and David McGlothlin

Jemima Corel was born January 12, 1812. Jemima is the first child of William Corel and Rebecca Oney.

This image is from the 1850 Census in Kaw Township, Jackson County, Missouri and shows Jemima Corel McGlothlin and her family. This is a brilliant example of the inaccuracies of the enumerators (the individuals who went door to door to take the census). The family is listed under the name of 'McLaughlin' rather than McGlothlin. We can be sure that this is Jemima's family, because this was the first census to include all names of individuals living in a household. David, Jemima, and all 6 of their children are listed.

Jemima Corel married David McGlothlin about 1835. The couple had six children by 1847. The family traveled with William Corel and Rebecca Oney to Missouri and established their home next door to Jemima's parents.

Jemima Corel McGlothlin died at the age of 39 years, 5 months, and 1 day in the Town of Kansas, Jackson County, Missouri on June 13, 1851.


  1. Mary was born about 1838.

  2. Henry H. was born March 12, 1840 in Jeffersonville, Tazewell County, Virginia.

  3. Martha Jane was born about 1840.

  4. William was born about 1842.

  5. John was born about 1843.

  6. Shadrick was born April 14, 1847 in Virginia.

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