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Olivia Gillespie Corel was born January 14, 1838. Olivia is the youngest child of William Corel and Rebecca Oney Corel. Olivia's obituary says that the Corel family arrived at Wesport Landing in 1849 by way of the river boats carrying pioneers to the West.

I have found a beautiful painting online that shows "An imaginary conception of what it may have looked like at Westport Landing, Missouri, about 1850." You can see it here. To see other photos of Westport Landing provided by Larry and Carolyn Mix, click here.

At the young age of 16, Olivia Corel traveled with her mother and siblings by oxen to the Kansas Territory to stake their claim on the land. The Corel family settled east of the city of Lawrence and south of the Kansas "Kaw" River. Rebecca Oney Corel, along with her children, James, William, Nancy, and Olivia made their home on land that is currently owned by Oak Hill Cemetery.

Olivia Gillespie Corel and John Jacob McGee

Olivia Gillespie Corel and John Jacob McGee were married April 19, 1860 at the home of Rebecca Oney Corel in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, present day Oak Hill Cemetery. Olivia and Jake remained in Lawrence until sometime between 1880 and 1910 Olivia moved to Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri. Most likely she moved after Jake's death November 22, 1888.

By 1910 Olivia Corel McGee was living on East Fifth Street in the 7th Ward of Kansas City, Missouri with three of her sons, Albert, Oliver, and Thomas, her sister, Nannie Corel Dobbins, and her grandniece, Ada Corel. About 1914 Nannie returned to her family in Colorado. Twelve days after Nannie passed away in Colorado, Olivia died on November 28, 1917 due to senility and a broken right femur resulting from an accidental fall. Olivia is buried next to Jake at Oak Hill Cemetery. The couple resting together in death on the same land they started their journey in life together.


  1. VirdIlla was born February 12, 1861.

  2. Carla was born September 15, 1862.

  3. John Jacob Jr. was born March 24, 1864.

  4. Gertrude was born March 12, 1866.

  5. William Stewart was born February 23, 1869.

  6. Richard Oney was born June 5, 1871.

  7. Albert Edward was born August 27, 1873.

  8. Solon N. (Neidigh?) was born October 11, 1875.

  9. Oliver Corel was born April 20, 1878.

  10. Thomas Stewart was born July 21, 1881.

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