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This image was provided by Teresa Martin Klaiber of Family Lineage Investigations. This photo is the grave marker of Robert Emmitt McGlothlin, husband of Rebecca Ann Corel.

Robert is believed to be the youngest son of John McGlothlin (McLaughlin) and Judith Leathers.

According to the Daughters of the American Revolution Sandy Basin Chapter, John McLaughlin enlisted in the Revolutionary War on May 6, 1776 while he was a resident of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. During his service he served under several different officers in different regiments and was discharged on May 14, 1779 at the courthouse in Guilford, North Carolina. While fighting the British for the independence of the Colonies, John McLaughlin was wounded in the right knee. W. William McGlothlin reports that John received this wound in the battle of Savannah, Georgia on his Rootsweb page.

April 1, 1785, possibly in South Carolina, John McLaughlin married Judith Leathers. William McGlothlin finds John and his wife in Hillsborough, Randolph County, North Carolina in 1790. I have found a John McLaughlin in Laurens County, South Carolina in 1800 and John McGloughlin in Bath County, Virginia in 1810. By 1830 William McGlothlin finds the family in Russell County, Virginia.

Children of John McGlothlin and Judith Leathers

The Sandy Basin chapter of the DAR shows 6 children being born to John McGlothlin and Judith Leathers, while William McGlothlin shows as many as 11. The names appearing in italics are children that Wayne McGlothlin shows, but the DAR does not.

  1. William McGlothlin was born about 1786 in North Carolina.
  2. Unknown McGlothlin.
  3. Jacob McGlothlin was born about 1790 in North Carolina.

  4. John McGlothlin was born about 1794.

  5. David McGlothlin was born about 1810. David married Jemima Corel about 1835.

  6. Nancy McGlothlin was born about 1810.

  7. Elias/Elia McGlothlin was born about 1812.

  8. Robert Emmitt McGlothlin was born April 5, 1818. He married Rebecca Ann Corel October 29, 1840.

  9. Mary J. McGlothlin was born about 1822.

Judith Leathers and John McGlothlin/McLaughlin

On June 6, 1833 John McLaughlin received his first pension payment for his service in the Revolutionary War. He filed for pension as a resident of Tazewell County, Virginia, as having served as a Private in the North Carolina Militia. John was 78 when he received his first pension of $200.

John McGlothlin died February 17, 1848 in Tazewell County, Virginia. Judith Leathers McGlothlin then applied for a widows pension for John's service in the Revolutionary War. Judith died after 1860 in Sand Hill, Russell County, Virginia.


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