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William Corel

William Corel was born on February 23, 1790. No definitive evidence has yet been found for where he was born or who his parents are.

There are, however, several listings of 'Carrell' families living in Tazewell and Russell Counties in 1820 and later according to census records. William Carrell is among those listed. There is a William Carrell listed in Russell County, Virginia in 1820 which may or may not be our William. This listing shows one male under 10 (Henry b 1814), one male over 45 (William would have only been 30), four females under 10 (Jemima b 1812, Martha b 1816, Mary b 1818, and Sarah b 1819), one female aged 10 - 16 (possibly a younger sister or even Jemima? Margaret was born about 1820 and could be the 4th female under 10), and one female 16 - 26 (Rebecca would be 29). Listed on the same page as William's family is a Samuel Carrell and Charles Carrell.

The 1830 census shows Carrell families living in both Russell County and Tazewell County, Viriginia. In Russell County there is Benjamin, Sterling, and James P. Carrell. In Tazewell County you can find Burdine and William Carrell. The listing for William Carrell in 1830 shows one male under 5 (William b 1828), one male 15 - 20 (Henry b 1814), one male 20 - 30 (possibly a relative?), one male 40 - 50 (William b 1790), two females under 5 (Louisa b 1825, Cosby Jane b 1830), three females 5 - 10 (Sarah b 1819, Margaret b 1820, Rebecca b 1822), two females 10 - 15 (Mary b 1819, ?), one female 15 - 20 (Jemima b 1812), and one female 40 - 50 (Rebecca b 1791).

The 1840 census shows Henry Correll living with his wife, Nancy and their daughter, Sara Jane. On the next page is a listing for Jefferson Matney. This has one male 20 - 30 and one female 60 - 70, I suspect that this would likely be Nancy's mother and brother. A couple of pages later is a listing for Joshua Correll. It is believed, but not proven that Joshua was William's brother. The William Correll listed a couple of pages after Joshua has one male that I am not able to identify, but I still believe that this is likely our William. This census listing shows two males under 5 (James P b 1832, possibly an infant who died as a child?), one male 10 - 15 (William b 1828), one male 20 - 30 (I believe that this is John Puckett b 1818 married to Mary E Corel in 1839), one male 40 - 50 (William b 1790), one female under 5 (Olivia b 1838), one female 5 - 10 (Nancy b 1834), two females 10 - 15 (Cosby b 1830, Louisa b 1825), two females 15 - 20 (Rebecca b 1822, Margaret b 1820), one female 20 - 30 (Mary b 1818), and one female 40 - 50 (Rebecca b 1791).

Rebecca Oney

Rebecca Oney was born on August 26, 1791 in Russell County (Tazewell County, present day), Virginia. No definitive evidence has been found for Rebecca's parents.

From the clues left for us, I have little doubt that her parents were Richard Oney and Sarah Highland. The first glaring clue is that Rebecca named her first son Henry Highland Corel. However, the first glaring opposition is that she named none of her children Richard, or even Benjamin (Richard's father). Ironically, however, her youngest daughter, Olivia Gillespie, did name her third son Richard Oney McGee.

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